History of the Department

Ogunquit Police History

The Ogunquit Police Department came into existence while Ogunquit was a village corporation of the Town of Wells. The department functioned on its own accord in compliance with Maine Revised Statutes Annotated, thereby seeing the Town of Wells enjoy two separate police departments. Although only a village corporation and still a part of the Wells community, Ogunquit functioned for the most part as a town of its own, supporting its own police, fire, highway and sewer departments. In 1979 steps were taken to secede from the Town of Wells, the measure winning support in the State of Maine Legislature, Ogunquit becoming Maine’s newest town on July 1, 1980.

The Ogunquit Police Department supports the Community Policing philosophy as outlined in our general orders. It is the goal of the department to ensure a healthy, safe and secure environment for our citizens and visitors, while working with those in the community to achieve the end result. Training in all aspects of law enforcement is stressed and utilized as the measuring tool in determining an officer or dispatcher’s proficiency.