Police Association

Ogunquit Police

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ogunquit Police Department is to protect and serve the residents and visitors of our community and to ensure that Ogunquit be recognized as a safe tourist destination. We will strive to enhance the quality of life in our community, working cooperatively and in partnership with the public. To this end, we will work within the framework of the United States Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Maine and the ordinances of the Town. We will enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide a safe environment for all of our citizens through the fair and impartial enforcement of the laws of the of the State and applicable ordinances of the Town of Ogunquit.


      As the Ogunquit Police Department and the community we serve face the twenty-first century, policing and public expectations become more complex. Our colleagues of only 50 years ago could not imagine the challenges we face today.

      The great variety of responsibilities faced by our police department makes it impossible, even with computers and constant communications, to provide answers to every question we encounter. Our solution is to employ exceptional people – people who will use reason, creativity and good judgment to solve the problems they face.

      We are accountable to our residents, our visitors and to each other for meeting our professional responsibilities. We recognize that people working as individuals can never accomplish what is possible through a collective effort of people working together. To produce a powerful team effort, we must coordinate our actions and decisions. Strong core values lay the foundation for that cooperation.

      In our demanding and rapidly changing profession, it is vital that we know our essential values and that we apply them. The members of this department are responsible for demonstrating and adhering to those core values; leaders on our department, at whatever rank, are responsible for explaining and demonstrating how those values look when put into action; YOU are responsible for applying those values in the daily operation of our department.

      As our community and department change and grow, we will use this simple list of principals to guide us. The values expressed in this list are fundamentally important and should be applied to all you do as a member of our department.

Statement of Fundamental Values

ACCOUNTABILITY: We recognize that, as members and representatives of this organization, we ARE the Ogunquit Police Department. We are accountable for our actions and omissions.

ACHIEVEMENT: We apply quality to everything we do and consistently reach for a higher level of excellence. We constantly strive for results. We work to ensure that our responsibilities are met and the community’s needs are satisfied.

COMMITMENT: We are proactive members of this organization and community. We are self-directed and self-motivated. We identify problems and develop and implement solutions to improve our quality of life and the quality of life of those we serve.

COMPASSION: We treat people with fairness, dignity and compassion. We are responsive to the needs of others. We are courteous in the performance of our duties.

COOPERATION: We are supportive of those we work with, those we work for and those who work for us. We are active team members and build a sense of teamwork throughout the organization.

INNOVATION: We continually search for new, creative and improved methods of providing service and conducting business. We ensure that all options are explored. We strive to reduce internal bureaucracy.

INTEGRITY: We meet our responsibilities with honesty, sincerity and without favor or prejudice. We use our position only for the public good, never seeking personal advantage.

LEADERSHIP: We lead by example. We have the courage to act. We are decisive. We lead to ensure that residents and tourist remain safe while in our community.

TOLERANCE: We value and respect diversity in the police department and in the community. We foster good will, understanding and equal treatment for all.

Statement of Fundamental Values of the Ogunquit Police Department

      As we believe that the people are the source of police authority, and that our department exists as a custodian of that authority through public trust, we reflect community priorities while working to meet our responsibilities and we respond to well-founded criticism with a willingness to change.

      We believe that the people in our community are entitled to safety and freedom from fear; We are committed to protecting them from crime and we recognize that policing is the concern of everyone in the community; that the public and police share the responsibility for protecting and improving the quality of community life.

      We believe in the dignity of all people and recognize our responsibility to treat them fairly and with courtesy. In conflict, we must act with professional calm, common sense and sound judgment, particularly when provoked; when we must use force, it will only be to the extent necessary to accomplish our lawful duties. We will never tolerate the abuse of police powers entrusted to us by our community.

      Working to meet our responsibilities without favor or prejudice, we respect the constitutional rights of others, regardless of their situation. The foundation of policing, and all American government, is the people and we hold dear the principles embodied in the United States Constitution